Better Process, Better Product

Tacmina is well known for providing solutions to process issues. When a customer approached Tacmina with the need to manufacture an advanced material for a high-value, high-demand product, we worked with them to provide a solution for the issues.

Key Issues:

  • Reduce particle size tolerance
  • Improve yield rate and production efficiency
  • Create a stable process for new material development

Read more in this direct industry customer success story from Tacmina. Click on image below for the downloadable PDF file.


Pump Hacks: Do Your Check Valves Require Maintenance?

cti-2015-100A quick and easy procedure can help determine if Tacmina Smoothflow check valves require maintenance by performing a ‘leak-down’ test.

  1. Clean and reassemble the check valve body and fill it with water.
  2. Dry the exterior of the check valve being careful not to lift the bottom check ball and set it on a paper towel.
  3. If water appears on the paper towel there is a good chance that the check ball(s) are worn and should be replaced.
  4. If there are no leaks – the check valves are good and ready for assembly in the pump.

Some check valve assemblies will have multiple check balls, springs and additional parts depending on your application. Consult your product manual or pump drawings for the exact check valve type you have.

Need parts or support – contact Tacmina USA at (844) 822-6462.


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Tacmina Smoothflow Pumps for Every Application

Tacmina offers the ideal Smoothflow Pump for every application from the lab to the plant floor. Use this handy chart to differentiate between the different models. The lines include lab or small capacity, Pilot or small scale plant for small to medium capacity, and operational plant or large capacity pumps. These include the following lines: TPL, PLSS, APL/APLS, PL, BPL, XPL, and Q.



Press Release and Photos for Trade Journals – Smoothflow Q Series

Thank you for visiting our site to download the Q Series press release, product photos, and our logo. If we can be of further assistance please contact Jim Feltman via e-mail or by phone at 312-810-8128.


Press Release in Microsoft Word (.docx)

Press Release as Adobe Acrobat PDF file

pink laboratory pump TACMINA smoothflow q series

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TACMINA USA Smoothflow Q Series PTFE pump head High Resolution image

Q PTFE edition high resolution photo PTFE pump head












TACMINA USA Q Series Pump with PVC head High Resolution image pink laboratory pump

Q Series Pump High Resolution Image with PVC pump head.












Q Series High Resolution Image pump head SUS316 stainless steel TACMINA USA pink laboratory pump

Q Series High Resolution Image pump head SUS316


Press Release content:

News Release

For Immediate Release
January 8, 2018

For further information contact:
Jim Feltman

TACMINA Releases Two New Smoothflow Q Series Pumps for Laboratory Use

Chicago, IL—Tacmina Corporation, headquartered in Osaka, Japan, with USA Headquarters in Schaumburg, IL, has recently announced the addition of two new Smoothflow Q Series Pumps for laboratory use which are now available for sale. One of the new pumps is a high pressure type and the other is an autoclave (AC) series designed for sterilization.

The Tacmina Smoothflow Q Series pumps were introduced in January of 2017 to serve the precise needs of the research laboratory market. The Q series pumps are very recognizable as they are pink in color in honor of the Sakura (Japanese cherry blossom) flower. The Q series pumps are small enough and light enough to be held in the palm of a human hand, but powerful enough to provide discharge pressure up to 2.0MPa and precise enough to configure flow rates at units of 0.01 mL/min.

Smoothflow Q Series pumps provide a constant and stable flow, they are gentle on liquids, economical to operate, and laboratory-sized. They have excellent responsiveness for starting and stopping and the ability to maintain pumping accuracy over a long period of time. Tests show no variation over 5000 hours of continuous operation. The pump design allows for constant flow without pulsation, no liquid leakage or changes in properties, and because of its unique design the pump is not damaged by dry running. Control configurations allow for auto stop, signal output for use with external equipment, operation by signal input from external device, change in flow rate by external device, interval operation, and gradient operation as well as combinations of these functions for precise experiment control and documentation as well as operations such as dispensing, constant-cycle injection, gradient mixing, linked transfer of multiple liquids, flow-proportional injection, and program control.

The Q Series pump offers control, size, and power supply line variations allowing for 84 different models of the pump. Variables include the type of control unit (standard, timer, or I/O signal control), the trace amount high pressure (10 mL/min, 30 mL/min, or 60 mL/min, or the 100 mL/min autoclave version); the liquid-end material (four options); and the power plug (four plug options or a lead wire). Given the number of variations in the pump, pricing can only be provided by a sales representative from TACMINA. Depending upon the model chosen, most are delivered between three and seven days, except the autoclave version which is made to order may take up to 30 days for delivery.

To request information on the Smoothflow Q Series pump by Tacmina or to receive pricing information please contact Jim Feltman at (844) 822-6462 or via email at or visit

Founded in 1956, Tacmina Corporation manufactures Smoothflow diaphragm pumps with a unique feature set designed to support difficult fluid transfer applications such as abrasive slurry, shear sensitive material, solvent-based and aggressive chemicals and for applications where smooth, accurately metered, pulse-free transfer of fluids is required. Tacmina Smoothflow pumps are widely used in wide variety of industrial manufacturing applications including food and beverage, chemical, thin film coatings and pharmaceutical.