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TACMINA Pump Featured in Treatment Plant Operator Magazine

The July, 2019, edition of Treatment Plant Operator featured an article entitled “No Stone Unturned” which covered the Wisconsin Village of Slinger and their solution to meet a tightening phosphorus limit without a plant upgrade. The Wastewater Treatment Team have implemented several strategies and maintained regular documentation to ensure changes made continue to produce the needed results. Part of their process included replacing the original chemical feed pumps with Tacmina Smoothflow pumps and variable-frequency drives to deliver more finely tuned dosing. The pulsefree nature of the Smoothflow pumps helped deliver a consistent flow that blended earlier in the process, reducing the amount of chemical needed.


Better Process, Better Product

Tacmina is well known for providing solutions to process issues. When a customer approached Tacmina with the need to manufacture an advanced material for a high-value, high-demand product, we worked with them to provide a solution for the issues.

Key Issues:

  • Reduce particle size tolerance
  • Improve yield rate and production efficiency
  • Create a stable process for new material development

Read more in this direct industry customer success story from Tacmina. Click on image below for the downloadable PDF file.


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TACMINA Factory Maintenance

Our factory maintenance service ensures optimal performance and product life long after your purchase.

Our factory maintenance service is available world-wide through our extensive network in Japan. At the factory, we disassemble, clean and perform complete maintenance on your pump, then we reassemble and test the unit to OEM standards using the same test equipment and performance parameters used at the time of the original shipment. Our mission is to return the product to you renewed, refreshed and ready for action with the peace of mind of a factory-maintained product at a fraction of the cost.


Food, Pharma, and Biotechnology

Food, pharma, and biotechnology industries require thorough quality control and the automation and streamlining of production processes. Our highly reliable sanitary process pumps contribute to improving overall product safety and quality by transferring fluids with no contamination or introduction of foreign substances, no change in fluid quality or chemistry, and no fluid leakage in injection, preparation, and spraying applications over a diverse range of additives.


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Industry-Leading Inspection System

Our industry-leading inspection system ensures a quality product is delivered to the customer, every time.

Our products are assembled and tested in modern production cells. A product leader is assigned to each cell and is personally responsible for the performance inspection and finished product. We also encourage customers with critical applications visit our factory and see their product run on our custom-developed, precision inspection machine to personally witness and confirm the operation of their order before delivery.


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Smoothflow Pumps for the Chemical Industry

In the chemical industry a high level of equipment safety, precision and reliability are required especially where a variety of chemicals are diluted (or blended) and used according to purpose. Learn more here:


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Catch up with Tacmina at AIMCAL’s R2R Conference

Are you attending AIMCAL’s Roll to Roll (R2R) Conference in Phoenix, AZ? We are! If you’d like to connect at this event please email


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The Role of Diaphragm Pumps in Coating Systems

The role of diaphragm pumps in coating systems:


Photo courtesy of Coating Tech Slot Dies and Coating Tech Institute. To learn more about the latest Coating Tech Institute visit


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What You Need to Know about Compression Ratio

What you need to know about compression ratio and precision diaphragm pumps. Find the technical article here:


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A Deeper Understanding of Pulseless Smoothflow Pumps

A deeper understanding of pulseless smoothflow pumps in this technical article: