Tacmina Lineup Summary

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How do I place an order for a Tacmina product?

Ordering is easy – by phone (844) TACMINA or email usasales@tacmina.com.


How long will it take to receive my order?

Most standard products arrive within 5-7 business days after receipt of order. Custom products can take up to 90 days with most custom orders shipping in the 45-60 day range.


What is the price/how are products priced?

Pricing varies widely on our products. We offer a full range of pumps from simple solenoid pumps that start at just a couple hundred dollars to highly complex pumps and fluid delivery systems that cost in the tens of thousands of dollars.


How do I compare competing technologies?

Tacmina Smoothflow pumps offer a unique hybrid technology that is difficult to compare to other fluid handling devices. The unique combination of smooth, pulseless flow and the ability to handle almost any fluid material, including aggressive chemicals and solvents, slurries and abrasive fluids combined with accurate metering and repeatability is the hallmark of Tacmina pumps. Other pump technologies may come close in performance but could have difficulty handling shear sensitive material or abrasive slurries. Additionally, air entering the process through the pump can cause issues but Tacmina Smoothflow pumps have no seals and therefore to way for air to enter the process or potentially dangerous materials to leak.


Product selection guide (what product do I need?)

The best way to determine what pump or pumps best fit your application is to download our Customer Application Inquiry spreadsheet, fill in as much information about the fluid and your process and return it to us. An engineer will review the data and select the best pump for your application. The service is completely free and ensures that the pump you receive is perfect for your application.


Is there a way for me to test a pump in my application before we purchase anything?

Absolutely! Tacmina offers a risk-free trial with full factory support. The process is simple – after some application discussion an engineer will determine the best-fit pump for your needs and arrange a risk-free, 30-day trial. All we ask is that you pay the round trip shipping and return the pump to us in the same condition you received it within the 30-day trial period. That’s it. We provide full factory support including 24/7 access to a technician and in some cases, on-site support.